Friday, February 27, 2009

Larger Hail Pad Picture...Snow Still Forecasted

I'm still new at blogger, and I can't figure out why I can't enlarge my pictures on the previous post, so I'm creating one just for them. This way, you could view a larger version of them.

Snow is still forecasted to arrive early Saturday morning. Both the National Weather Service discussions and local meteorologists are in agreement that the low will maintain and slightly strengthen as it swings through western Missouri. Current forecast models are bringing the heaviest snow (3-4") just to our west, leaving Fulton in an area that may receive 2-3".

Visit the KMIZ blog and NWS St. Louis Winter Graphics page for further updates...I am.


OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, very interesting. From what I can tell, a very inexperienced hail pad reader, the hail mostly came straight down. I know that you documented that it's direction was from the South. I am assuming the craters would be more elongated towards the N had there been a driving wind as the hail hit the pad?

WxWatcher said...

Yeah, it was a tough call...there were elongated indentations going virually in every direction. What tipped me off that there was a southerly wind was the indentations on the southern vertical side of the pad. The other three sides didn't have a mark.

And you are RIGHT, most of the hail fell almost straight down (not so inexperienced after all!) On the official report, I esimated the hail angle at 10-20 degrees. The storm didn't have a lot of wind with it, it was just full of rain and hail, and it fell in a HURRY! (We had 0.95" of rain in 30 minutes)

OSNW3 said...

Looks like the snows are moving in! Perfect for a Saturday, am I right?

WxWatcher said...

Nothing better, OSNW3! At home with my girls, the smell of Starbucks in the house, and a nice blanket of snow to play in later.

Flurries have just started (at 8:51 a.m.), I'm not completely confident that we will hit the 2" mark given the recent trends, but we should see some accumulation by noon.

Ami said...

Looking at the KMIZ blog, it looks like a patch of dry air has moved in to the eastern part of the state and will greatly limit our snow totals. His most recent map has me completely out of the snow forecast...which is fine with me! :) Now bring on the warmer weather!!! Looks like next weekend should be wonderful!

Enjoy your day with your girls. Wish I could have seen you today!

WxWatcher said...

Ami, I have been watching the radar all morning and was noticing what seemed to be some dry air soaking up the snow at the SW corner of Callaway county. I just got done telling Nicole that I didn't think we would get ANY snow today when Mike updated the blog to confirm that thought...bummer!!

Now I feel horrible that we cancelled our trip to Rolla!

Ami said...

Don't feel horrible about that. I would always rather you err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of your family. That's what makes you a good husband and dad. :) Love you!