Sunday, February 8, 2009

Record High on 2/7

Three National Weather Service stations reached a record high yesterday. The weather was generally breezy -- with southerly wind gusts near 30 mph, and broken clouds through the day.

Here's a sampling of high temperatures around the area yesterday:

St. Louis -- 70 (record)

Columbia -- 70 (record)

Jefferson City -- 70

Quincy Ill. -- 69 (record)

Chesterfield -- 69

St. Charles -- 69

Rolla -- 66

Farmington -- 63


Bob said...

Rather warm. What was your local temperature reading? It sounds like warn Gulf air moving through driven by a low to the north?


OSNW3 said...
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OSNW3 said...

I bet that felt great! We topped out at 45.9 here at OSNW3, which was a February all-time max for me. I highly doubt it was an official record breaking day, regardless, it felt awesome. :)

WxWatcher said...

It definitely felt good to get out and get some outdoor chores done! I was able to get all the road grime off my car from the snows.

Bob, my temperature sensor on the weather station is currently out, so I wasn't able to record anything...I've been bummed because my new sensor hasn't arrived all winter, and we've had near-record lows and one record high so far this winter.

Chris said...

We had record highs yesterday here in SE WI. Around 58 degrees! Hey, by the way, great blog!


WxWatcher said...

Thanks for the kind comment, Chris!

The recent warm weather gave me an itch for spring, although I still want one more big snow.

I've been watching the snow melt on OSNW3's web cam. You guys have had a nice week for sure.

OSNW3 said...
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OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, seems like your area has a chance for some snow coming up, eh?!

I see you've recorded 1.47" of precip that last three days (10-12)! Nice. I have forgotten what measuring precip is all about. :)

WxWatcher said...

No kidding! It felt weird to enter a report with two digits these past few days. Our ground surely needed it, although it is still quite frozen so flooding has been a problem.

Yeah, they've been up and down about the snow chances tomorrow night. As of now, it looks like the system might track just north of us, leaving us in an area of mostly rain. It looks like there will be a quasi-tight gradient of snow fall as you go north. There could be 2" accum. two counties north of us, and almost a foot in southern Iowa.

We'll see...the track could shift south still, it may be a white Valentines Day!

Ami said...

While being able to enter a precip amount is great, and snow is pretty, the 70 degree weather made me ready for being lazy by a pool somewhere!

Maybe when I get my rain gauge put back up I will be more apt to actually WANT precip again! :)

WxWatcher said...

Get that gauge up! Don't make me come down there!