Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures From the Storm

My wife is amazing. I called home to see how the girls fared in the storm, and she told me that she had taken pictures and noted the time the hail began! So it's because of her that I can see what I missed while I was at work. She is awesome.

She took some great pictures...enjoy.

Here are a couple of pictures from the hail pad. On the official report, I entered an estimated 360 indentations. I got the number by blocking off a 2" x 2" portion of the pad and multiplying to get a rough estimate.

I also estimated the largest hail size based on the photos and the largest dents on the pad. There was a giant dent in the upper right quadrant of the pad. It is easiest to see that on the photo with the flash.


Ami said...

Kuddos to your wife!!! Great pics, and great thinking on her part. I'll have to check out the CoCoRaHS site and see rainfall reports for you and dad. I still don't have my gauge up, so I don't know how much I got.

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher! Amazing stuff. I am excited to come back later on and analyze all this fun stuff. Indeed, kudos to the wife! :)