Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Hail Data

In this morning's post on the CoCoRaHS blog, Chris made mention of the large hail that fell in the southeast states. After a quick check of the SPC site, I was surprised to see so many reports of large hail (2"+). I don't think I have personally seen hail that large in Missouri. Definitely not the softball sized hail that fell in Alabama.

Hail Data

Chris' post prompted me to do some research on this station's hail reports. In doing so, it reminded me of just how active our weather was during 2008.

# of Days with Hail -- 2
Total Reports -- 2
Maximum Hail Size -- 3/8"

# of Days with Hail -- 7
Total Reports -- 11
Maximum Hail Size -- 3/8"
** Note **
This includes the tornado outbreak on January 7, 2008.
Follow this link for more info on that deadly outbreak.


OSNW3 said...

Excellent data drop, WxWatcher! You know... when I think back... I cannot remember the last time I witnessed hail in my backyard. I recall pebble size a few Summers back, but I cannot remember. I'll peruse my data and hopefully find out I documented it. Hail doesn't happen very often here.

That video of Alabama Mike's is crazy, right?! Wow.

Off to Marquette, MI!

WxWatcher said...

I was going to do some research on your area last night to see how often you got hail, but ran out of time. I would have guessed that you'd see at least one storm per year or so...I'm surprised that you haven't seen any for a while.

I just watched the video...that was amazing. You see the storm reports the next day, but until you watch a video of the event, you can't really understand the magnitude of these storms.

There sure has been a lot of buzz about Marquette. I'm going to have to visit some day. Enjoy your trip!