Friday, February 6, 2009

Dry, But Some Relief In Sight

It is still dry in Missouri. We haven't had any substantial precipitation since Christmas. With the dry weather and breezy conditions, fire hazards have been issued for parts of Kansas and western MO.

Here's a graphic depicting current deficit
There is some relief in sight, though.

Current models are showing that we could get some active weather in the 7-10 day timeframe. Warmer weather will be the obvious story this weekend, followed by some rain and thunderstorms by Monday, possibly turning severe in southern MO.
CPC 8-14 day outlook shows our temperature staying below normal, so there is still hope for that last-minute snowstorm this winter!


OSNW3 said...

Speaking of dry conditions... one thing I've always noticed about visiting the STL area is that the grass is usually brown. That brown grass changes to green only for a short time in the Spring if I recall correctly. Once the Summer sun turns the grass brown it's like that through the Winter... ???

I am looking forward to the upcoming weather! Enjoy!

WxWatcher said...

You're exactly right, OSNW3. Our grass will start to green up around April, and in a normal year will be brown again by late July/August. Last year, we were running on a 10+" surplus, so our grass (my lawn included) looked like the lawns on the Scotts commercials. I wish it stayed like that all summer.

Looks like you might get some liquid fall on you next week. Do you think you'll loose your snowpack?

OSNW3 said...

I just checked the NWS forecast for Oshkosh, and it would seem that a good chunk, if not all, of our snow pack could disappear. Max temps will remain above freezing until late next week with a couple rain chances on top of that... it doesn't look good. If I had to predict what my snow depth will be by next Friday, I'd guess we'd have a Trace left. There will be grass showing with piles of drifted snow around.

What a nightmare I just put into my head. Hopefully each system that rolls through comes in further east of the project path, and temps do not reach their max forecast values! :)

Ami said...