Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Snow Misses Us

Another low pressure system is slated to roll through the area today. This time, it is going to pass right through mid-Missouri, leaving us to the south of any measurable snow. At the very most, we might get some flakes stick to the grass.

Here where the majority of the snow is expected to fall:

We still seem to be in an active weather pattern. The forecast models are expecting seasonable temperatures, with chances for light snow this weekend (mainly south of here), and more rain by Tuesday.


Ami said...

"...mainly south of here".... meaning my area? Or like, Arkansas south of here? Why can't you give me some good news when it comes to weather??? I'm considering finding a different personal meteorologist! ;-)

I've thought about putting my gauge up at my "friend"'s house. He has more room, and shares our love for weather!

Happy Valentine's Day (early)!!! Love you bunches!!!!!!!!!!

WxWatcher said...

Haha...All I heard was that it may snow south of here. Not sure how south. But with it being a few days out, you never know!

Have a great weekend, sis!
Love you!

OSNW3 said...

Well, it's snowing here! Finally, it's been, like, forever! Enough for me to enjoy my bike ride home this late evening even more. One of the best things in life is riding a bike during a snowfall. :)

WxWatcher said...

Glad you're getting some snow! I'll have to try riding my bike in snow some day...sounds wonderful.

My favorite thing to do during a snow shower is sit in the woods and watch the silent snow fall.

Hope you get a lot!

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher... I also enjoy a good sit in the woods while it's snowing. Hopefully I will get to do just that next weekend in Marquette, MI while hiking Dead River Falls.

1.2" for the 24 hour period ending this morning. 0.1" since from very light snowfall which is now just flurries.

Chris said...

I had 1.3" (0.12") for a total snowfall total!

Bob said...

Is your regional NWS office suggesting anything out of this system rolling through California?


WxWatcher said...

They aren't mentioning anything about that system. The focus of their current forecast is on the low in Colorado right now and our rain chances -- which are lowering each day.

It looks like our friends in Wisconsin will get quite a good snow from this one!