Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Trace in the Books

Another clipper system came tumbling down from the northwest yesterday. We have had a few of these this year, and every time, it has just grazed us just to the north. The result has always been a trace of snow for us.

This one promised a more western track, and the promise of more snow! Ultimately, the track was good, but in the end some dry air advected in from our northeast, which squelched our chances for some shoveling (and miniature snowmen that I was going to build with my daughter!)

Here are the snowfall totals.

Oh well...there is warmth headed our way. We should hit the 60s by Wednesday and even 70 by Friday. March is a good month for that. Heavy 6" snow one day, and flowers up the next.

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OSNW3 said...

Sorry to hear about the snowless Saturday. We had some flurries that came in off of Lake Mighigan that fell all morning. My 4 month old loves to watch the large snowflakes fall from the sky. Who doesn't, right?!

We will be in STL this up coming weekend for a wedding. I like that you're talking about 70° on Friday. We're leaving Thursday night. Woo!