Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Water Report

March is over, and in typical Missouri style, it didn't leave without giving us a nice mixed bag of weather. Temperatures ranged from the 80s to the teens. We had only three days with thunder, which was surprising. This is the first month I've kept track of it, and I thought there would be more.


High: 84°

Low: 17°

Mean High/Average: 63.6°/55.1°

Mean Low/Average: 35.1°/33°


I assembled a table that compares this year's March precip with the past two:

Lift Off!
I came home, and noticed that the back patio was a bit different...our 6' patio table was gone!! We had some wind, but the max gust (that the station reported) was 26 mph. The table was upside down (it has a glass top, too), and 10 feet away from it's original spot! My best guess is that the wind blew against the house in just the right way and caused a gust to lift under the table and take it away! Scared my wife to death! (wish I could have seen it ;o)


Ami said...

Great job with the comparisons!

I'm sure your wife would just LOVE to know how much joy you would have gotten out of her being scared to death. Poor girl! Good thing the little ones weren't out there!!

Good thinking on tracking the number of days with thunder!

Hope you have a marvelous day! Love ya!!

Chris said...

I can't believe I missed a snow storm when I was on vacation! Ahhhhhh!!!! A nightmare come true. :)

WxWatcher said...

Oh, I HATE that! We almost always get some type of reportable weather at home when I go visit family over Thanksgiving.

OSNW3 said...

Yeah, guys, I dislike that scenario as well. :)

WxWatcher, that's a MO temperature difference alright. 67.0° is nothing to scoff at. Now that you brought this difference to my attention... here's my data. 60.8° difference. (64.2/3.4) My departures from average were not nearly as large either. (-0.4/0.1). From that I would gather is must of felt that March was warmer than usual? T/F?!

Regards to your patio table... two Summers ago we were at an outdoor restaurant near the Fox River and out of nowhere, this gust of wind came up and tossed about ten umbrellas from tables up over the roof of the building. It was chaotic, people were freaking out. Plates were crashing, napkins were flying... the experience was pretty insane. The day was partly cloudy, calm and about 75°.

WxWatcher said...

Interesting...so it was a calm day, and then the huge gust of wind came up? Was it a gust front from a nearby storm? I can imagine everyone was freaking out!

OSNW3 said...

Nope, no storms in the area that day.