Friday, March 6, 2009

Wet Weekend Ahead

We have experienced quite a rebound of temperatures after a lower-than-average start to the week. Here's a rundown of our temperatures so far this week:

Monday: 43/17
Tuesday: 44/19
Wednesday: 67/25
Thursday: 82/52

One of the most notable characteristics of this weeks weather besides the warmer temperatures has been the amount of moisture that has advected up here. At Wednesday's reporting time of 6:00 a.m., the dew point temperature was at 45°, this was up from Tuesday's reading of 9°! This morning's (Friday) reading was 54°, so you can really feel the humidity start to permeate the air...which is going to cause our weather this weekend, hence the topic of this post.

Below is a picture from NWS STL that shows the position of the cold front as it passes through the area late Saturday night. There should be a couple waves of moisture pass through the area, one preceeding the fropa during the late evening hours, and the other after the front has passed through around midday Sunday. The threat for severe weather mainly persists for Saturday night, although it is mainly focused on North and Northwest Missouri at this time.

It looks like this system is poised to dump a good amount of moisture on the northern part of Missouri up into the great lakes area. Here is the 1-3 day QPF:

And the 5 day shows another system impacting the southern part of Missouri. At the time, it seems that we are sandwiched between systems and won't get the brunt of the heavy rain.


Ami said...

I need to get my rain gauge up!!

Was your 82 yesterday a record? That is certainly pretty warm for March 5!

Have a wonderful Friday!!!

Bob said...

WxWatcher - you posted some questions to a recent post on WX Ranger NW which I answered there.

Stay dry...


OSNW3 said...

It is indeed nice down here. I love the overcast, warm and humid day that is today. Woo!

WxWatcher said...

It sure was a nice weekend OSNW3. I got a chance to get some trout fishing in on Saturday...a nice welcome to spring.

Storms are rolling in as I type (Monday), sounds like we may be in for a rollercoaster ride over the next 36 hours.

Ami said...

Anything bad my way, WxWatcher?

WxWatcher said...


I think the warm front lifting through tonight will bring some storms to your area (after sundown and before midnight). As the cold front passes through tomorrow evening, a squall line will develop and race through, which may have some strong straight-line winds.

As always, I want storm reports! Feel free to comment on here. I don't have internet at home now, so I can't check it at night, so a phone call would be appreciated! (unless we're in bed of course ;o)

Ami said...

It was 64 degrees already this morning when I got to work... is it safe to assume that the warmer it gets today, the higher chance of storms tonight?

I'll call you if we get anything cool before your bedtime!

And don't forget to update your settings for me!!! :)