Friday, March 13, 2009

Quiet March So Far

Compared to some years, this has been a pretty calm March. Aside from a few storms we received between the 10th and 12th it has been quiet and (most recently) somewhat colder than average. My hopes for any snow is fading along with the fading hours of night, but the vision of warm humid air, thunderstorms, muggy mornings, mild nights, and digging in the garden with my daughter quickly replace this seasonal desire for the white snow.

Here is a rundown of our temps so far:


OSNW3 said...

It's great to see you got your temperature gauge back up and running! Speaking of the fading hours of night... this whole George W daylight savings time change is WACK. It's not supposed to be this light in to the night in March. :)

And, what, didn't he think people awoke before 7am when the sun rises now? *sheesh* I've got half my day in already by the time the sun rises. WITH ALL THE LIGHTS ON IN THE HOUSE! ;)

I am excited about your graph and anticipate many more as the time allows! And, my Father in-law send a few months worth of the Missouri Conservation magazine home with me. I really like that magazine. It's similar to the Wisconsin Natural Resource mag, but I think the layout is much cleaner and easier to read, and I learn a lot of things about MO that I had no clue about prior.

Ami said...

Great graph!! Looks like the week ahead has some great temps in store! :)

WxWatcher said...

LOL, OSNW3! I know what you mean! I forgot that it came early this year and hadn't given it much consideration. Now that you mention it, I can tell that it is early. I'm used to getting up when it is dark anyway (I get more done then), but I have a hard time getting to bed early now!

I'm excited about getting the graph up and going, too. It's been fun to keep track of the daily weather at home, and I've been putting it on my daily comments on the CoCoRaHS reports each day, too. I look forward to the analysis opportunities each year now.

The Misouri Department of Conservation really does a great job with their magazine. Best of all, it's free! In my classroom, I have copies of the Missouri Conservationist dating back to the 50s and 60s. It has always been a quality magazine in my opinion, I always look forward to getting them (and they're great for use in the classroom, too). Glad your father-in-law shared some with you.

Ami -- I'm so ready for spring. It looks like next week will be a great week to get the garden tilled! (are you going to do one at your new place?)

Ami said...

My "yard" is a mixture of clay mud and rock. Not quite the ideal combination for a garden. I may help my friend with his garden though. He usually plants at least tomatoes.

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher... I am digging your daily observation notes. The ones for the days I was in STL were pretty much right on! I felt that humidity! Keep up the hard work!

Chris said...

I agree, great graph. What do you use to gather the data?

WxWatcher said...

I have an Oregon Scientific WMR100N station. I bought it last July, and just now have the entire unit working (long drawn-out story there). I was excited to finally get the temp gauge up and running. This time of year can be a rollercoaster, so the graph should look interesting.

Thanks for reading!

Ami said...

March is always a roller coaster when it comes to temps. I would like to see this same graph at the end of the month! ;o)