Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Summary of December 23 - 27 Storm

The Christmas Snow of 2009 will be remembered by many in the country.  While we didn’t get much of the snow, the event was still memorable for us in mid-Missouri.  Here’s a wrap-up of the events, starting the night of the 22nd.

-- December 22 --

As the warm air mass lie just to our south, rain began to spread over the area overnight on the 22nd and early morning the 23rd.

Daily Precip 12/22:  0.39"

-- December 23 --

Rain fell modrately throughout the day on the 23rd, falling heavy at times.  The next map shows the distribution of thunderstorms that rolled through the area during the evening hours.

Daily Precip 12/23:  1.70"

-- December 24 --

During the morning hours, we caught a bit of a break from the rain.  During the afternoon though, the rain picked up again.  The big story today was the severe storms down in Louisiana, and snow falling in Texas and Oklahoma.  Dallas recorded their top December 1-day snow, with a total of 3".  Oklahoma City recorded 16" in a record-breaking one-day total.

Daily Precip 12/24:  0.59"
Daily Snowfall 12/24:  0.1"

As the low treveled north of the area, cold air spilled in from the west and changed the rain over to light snow.  We were greeted to light snow falling and a bit of snow on the ground Christmas morning.

-- December 25 --

The wind picked up overnight as the front passed, although not as bad as the blizzard conditions in Nebraska and Kansas.  Our top wind gust at this station was SSW at 25 mph early in the morning.

Our high temperature of 51° occurred just after midnight, and nine hours later we reached our low temperature of 17°.  We stayed in the upper teens and low 20s all day.  It was cold and windy!

As you can see in the next few maps, the low meandered a while in Iowa and northern Missouri.  As it did, it provided a steady snowfall throughout Christmas day.  Although it didn't accumulate much, it was perfect for a beautiful, yet easy to travel day in mid-Missouri.

Daily Precip 12/25:  0.04"
Daily Snowfall 12/25:  0.5"

-- December 26 --

The 26th was much like Christmas day, except not quite as windy.  Flurries and light snow fell through much of the day, accumulating a bit.

Daily Precip 12/26:  0.05"
Daily Snowfall 12/26:  0.5"

-- December 27 --

In this final map, moderate snow was falling the morning of the 27th.  There was a persistent band of moderate snow that lined up on I-70, with snow ending in Fulton a little after sunrise.  St. Louis felt the snow for longer in the morning.  This was our final, yet heaviest snow of the system.

Daily Precip 12/27:  0.11"
Daily Snowfall 12/27:  1.3"

Storm Total Precipitation:  2.77"
Storm Total Snow:  2.4"

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OSNW3 said...

Great storm recap, WxWatcher. You all got drenched! I have visual evidence that the drive through IL was a slow go on the 27th. It snowed from Madison to Springfield. The roads were snow covered and at times visibilities were very limited. It took us 10.5 hours to get to STL.

Oshkosh was definitely in the warm sector of this storm for the majority of it's duration. We picked up almost an inch of pure rain. With temps holding in the mid 30's out snowpack didn't take much of a hit. We still have 6" on the ground as of right now.

STL was great. Snowed twice, almost 2" each time. Snow down there doesn't last very long, both times it was mostly gone in 24 hours. Regardless... the white stuff made us feel a bit more at home.

Happy new year, and I'll have that Dec radar loop complete before Monday.