Monday, January 4, 2010

December Weather Summary

As this month came to a close, I have tried to think of a creative way to describe its events.  None come to mind...maybe its the sinus infection that has taken residence in the creative part of my head.  For all I could tell, this December, although it had its significant events, was an average one for Mid-Missouri.

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High Temp:  57° on 12/1

Low Temp:  7° on 12/10

Mean Hi Temp / Average:  39.3° / 41.5°  (-2.2)

Mean Lo Temp / Average:  24.3° / 22.5°  (+1.8)

Mean Temp / Average:  31.8° / 32.0°  (-0.2)

As you can see, aside from the brief extreme changes which define life in the midwest, we were able to keep a near-steady mean temperature for the month.  In addition, we exceeded the average high temp mark 10 days and were below the mark 21 days.


Two things come to mind with precipitation:  Flooding rain and lots of snow!  During the period of 12/22 - 27, we recorded 2.77" of precip (103% of our monthly average).  And it sure seemed snowy, as we recorded 9 measurable days of snow (13 days if you count the days with only a trace).  While we only recorded 6" for the month, it was above average, and with low temperatures it has stuck around a while.

Days with snow on the ground:  9  (0.5" or higher)  OSNW3 was right in the comment he left on the last post, when it snows, it doesn't stick around long.  That's why it seems so snowy to me here.  Its nice to see the white stuff stick around.  And with current forecasts, the snow doesn't look like it'll be leaving us any time soon.

December was the 10th month this year to record a surplus in precipitation.  More on that and the yearly graph in a future Year-In-Review post.

Average precip:  2.70"


Average December Snowfall:  4.7"
Total This December:  6.0"

The days with measurable precipitation for December:


Bob said...

Do you perceive any effect from El Nino out your way? The NOAA El Nino website shows you in a no change zone. We are way off in our precip. out here. The El Nino effect is in place and having an effect on us.

OSNW3 said...

If the jet stream levels out, I think we'll feel the effects here in WI. But... that is yet to be seen.

Great December recap, WxWatcher. I like what you have going on here. This cold snap we're all in affects our regions differently... and I know first hand as my mother in-law thought it was too cold to go anywhere the other day when it was 8 degrees. :)

8 degrees?! Shoot. That ain't bad at all. I may not keep my 14 month old daughter out in it long, but still...

WxWatcher said...

LOL OSNW3, our worlds are different indeed when it comes to the resilience to the weather that comes our way. My mother called just today to see if we were going to cancel our trip down to Rolla because of the cold.

Bob, it's interesting that you bring up El Nino. You know, with our recent surge in snow and cold temperatures, I had forgotten completely that it was in effect this year. We haven't felt it so far. We usually experience milder and drier winters with it, which hasn't been the case. It'll be interesting to see what January brings.

You say you are way off. Does El Nino increase or decrease your precip? OSNW3, same question.

OSNW3 said...

El Nino for us usually means warmer temps and less snow fall. I did some quick research to back up my statement and I found this.

OSNW3 said...

Oh, and... it looks like you have a good snowfall heading towards you!

WxWatcher said...

Hey, great link. Very comprehensive.

Yeah, I'm pretty excited about the snow that's on its way. I still feel like a space cadet with this sinus infection, but I'm still enjoying the flurry of attention this storm is receiving. We may get 4-6" from it with wind chill readings close to -30. I'll try to get pictures online this weekend.

Bob said...

You asked about El Nino out here in the Inland Northwest. Yes, we are affected. Generally drier and warmer. So far that is the case though we just had a bout of "wet", a mix of rain and snow. Because our ground is frozen and with the runoff from this latest precip., we had some very minor flooding in the yard. Today, with a cold air mass moving down from Canada, it looks to be a nice sunny, cold day.