Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas

It's been seven years since we last woke up to a white Christmas.  The snow storm that brought record-breaking snowfall to Texas and Oklahoma has pushed northward, allowing the cold arctic air to spill in and give us the snow we were dreaming of.  At daybreak, we only had a trace on the ground, but presently at 11:00 a.m. we have nearly an inch.  It's nothing to shake a wovel at, but it's enough to cover the ground.  And with my family all here, on's beautiful.

This is a storm that will be remembered for many years.  Check out Chris' CoCoRaHS blog to see the massive amounts of watches/warnings that were posted.  Everything from blizzard to tornado, this storm has had it all.  So far, this storm has kicked out 15 reported tornadoes in Louisiana and Mississippi, and over a dozen people have been killed in the blizzard.  A reminder of the power and danger of these storms. 

A current radar image shows the size of the storm. 

Ami, I heard you had a nice Christmas gift last night.  Can't wait to see your data online!  :o)

I hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful Christmas.


OSNW3 said...

How exciting. The in-laws are enjoying the snow in STL as well. Here, we still have a 6" snow pack. It's warm out there though, currently 36°. Our travels start tomorrow.

WxWatcher said...

Safe travels to you all. It sure won't be as bad as the poor folks in Nebraska, Dakotas, or Minnesota.

Here (in Warrenton), the ground is completely covered. An estimation would be a little over an inch.