Friday, December 4, 2009

Watching the Dec. 8-9 Storm

The season of anticipation has begun for me.  Missouri can be a very variable place for weather, and December can provide some impressive snow storms.  I'm hoping next week won't dissapoint (which was the story for last winter).

Up to this point, all reports about next week's storm has been favoring a southern track for the Low, with it passing through the SE corner of MO, through IL Northeastward.  This would put us in the shield of heavy snow on the NW side of the system.  Today's models however have trended the path more northwards, with the newest GFS model tracking the Low through Eastern KS, Central MO, and Northeastward.  This puts Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin in the crosshairs for the major event, which would be a welcomed sight from the snow-deprived bloggers in WI.

Unfortunately, that puts the Low tracking right over us, which would greatly decrease our chances for a major event.  Forecasters are still calling for below-freezing temps for much of the time period as a cold shot of air will be passing through just as the system arrives.  This may give us our first accumulation (and possibly still a snow day), but not a major event.

As always, much can change between now and Tuesday, and I'll keep the blog updated till then!


OSNW3 said...

I bet the models flip-flop again. It's only right. :)

WxWatcher said...

There's no telling. I watched a little weather briefing video from the STL office today, and there are five models, and five very different storm tracks.

My students were amazed to hear that it was snowing in Texas/Mexico today. How's that for a flip-flop!!