Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Start to December

Over the past six months, five of them (December included) have started out with below-average temperatures.  So far this month, we have only seen a high temperature exceed the average two times (from 12/1 - 12/11).

Attention should be drawn to December 8-10.  This was the timeframe of a major snowstorm that impacted a huge section of the upper-midwest.  Parts of Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin got buried by snow up to 12" in places, and a widespread swath of 8-10".  Here's a great image of the snow cover.  Quite impressive.

Below are some links to area National Weather Service offices that were affected by the storm.  

Looking Ahead
The Climate Prediction Center still shows December giving us below-average temperatures, with equal chances of precipitation.  Local meteorologists are expecting small disturbances to move through the area, bringing small snow events, but nothing big.

Heavy Wind December 9

On December 9, I celebrated my 30th birthday with a max wind gust of..yep, 30 mph at the house.  In Auxvasse, we recorded 31.1 mph.  Sustained winds were anywhere from 15 - 25 throughout the night and day.

 Here's a summary of official wind gusts in the area from the NWS STL office.

LOCATION                  PEAK GUST (MPH)      TIME

ST CHARLES      (KSET)        58              902 AM
LITCHFIELD      (K3LF)        58              804 AM
ST LOUIS        (KSTL)        56              811 AM
CHESTERFIELD    (KSUS)        52              711 AM
ALTON           (KALN)        52              850 AM
HANNIBAL        (KHAE)        49              705 AM
WELDON SPRING   (KLSX)        49              750 AM
BELLEVILLE      (KBLV)        48              744 AM, 911 AM
JEFFERSON CITY  (KJEF)        48              750 AM
COLUMBIA        (KCOU)        47              738 AM
QUINCY          (KUIN)        47              643 AM, 935 AM
SALEM           (KSLO)        46              945 AM, 1025 AM
SULLIVAN        (KUUV)        45              925 AM
CAHOKIA         (KCPS)        45              852 AM
PITTSFIELD      (KPPQ)        44              706 AM
CENTRALIA IL    (KENL)        43             1005 AM
SPARTA          (KSAR)        39              225 AM, 1025 AM
FARMINGTON      (KFAM)        38              215 AM, 955 AM


OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, currently we are 2° above average. We had a cold snap but it went to the wayside pretty quick. What is awesome about that storm is that the Lake Michigan shoreline in WI barely had any accumulation. I enjoy the CPC, basically anything can happen, so check back often. :)

Happy belated birthday and golden wind gust!

WxWatcher said...

Very interesting about the Lake Michigan shoreline. Is that normal? Did warmer air aloft cause it? I'm a freshman when it comes to climatology around large bodies of water. I've never lived within 500 miles of one.

We're keeping our eye on a system that's rolling through this weekend. Nothing big, but it might provide some fluffy snow here Saturday. That would be perfect, because I'm heading into the woods again. I can't think of anything quite as nice as sitting in the woods watching the quiet snow fall.

OSNW3 said...

Whoa. I just checked the GFS. Looks like we're in for a big storm to drive through on the 24th. Fantastic. :)

WxWatcher said...

It could be a big one, ONSW3. I'm keeping my eye on it as well. We're planning on driving to STL right when it hits.

Did you see the snow forecast on my sidebar? We might have the ground covered this weekend. Should make for some good hunting.

OSNW3 said...

Here comes the snow... I can see it on radar... almost there!

WxWatcher said...

Our buses are officially on "standby". I'm done giving today's finals, so I'm ready for an early-out!!

The Dec. 24 storm is still looking impressive! My only regret is that I might not be here to see it!!