Thursday, May 14, 2009

Storms Last Night

It was a busy day for meteorologists yesterday. There was much talk about a severe weather outbreak much of the day, and with each model analysis the confidence grew stronger and stronger.

Although the severe weather did pan out for northern Missouri, the central part of the state was spared from the worst weather. By nightfall, storms began to push east across mid-MO as the cold front drifted to the SE. We experienced lightning and some moderate rain as the main event rolled through, but that was it.

So what happened? I wish I knew...My best guess would have to do with the limited sunshine during the day. Most of the forecasters were saying that we would have a good 6-8 hours of sunshine, but the clouds hung tight all day in our area keeping the temperatures at bay.

As I stated above, there was some bad weather in northern Missouri. Colorado storm chaser Tony Laumbaugh and a crew chased in the area. He followed the storm and was able to be there for the tornadoes around Kirksville. Read his posts from the storm.


Ami said...

We had .93" of rain between both storm systems yesterday. Lots of lightening with the storm overnight!

Chris said...

6-8 hours of sunshine would help to pump up some severe storm potential. The same thing happened here, the cloud cover stayed almost the whole day and didn't help with the potential for severe weather.