Monday, May 18, 2009

Dry and Warm Week Ahead

In my previous post, I promised some storm pictures. My camera is being temperamental, so I can't get them on the computer at this time.

Temps in the 30s
Sunday morning was a chilly start! At this station, we recorded a low temperature of 37°! While we weren't close to beating the record low of 33°, it sure made the day feel a lot like fall again! The cold front squeezed out most of the moisture in the air, and the breeze had a refreshing crisp feeling to it.

We received 1.12" of rain with this last storm system, bringing our May total to 2.92".
We're 2.05" under the monthly average, and with this dry weather pattern setting up, I'm not sure if we'll get it all in before the month's out.

This week is going to be beautiful, with a sunny/mostly sunny sky and highs in the 70 and 80s. It's our last week of school, and I am sure ready to get the chance to spend more time outside.


Ami said...

I actually have some pictures of the creek behind me so you all can compare what it normally looks like with the flood waters. As to how long the flooding lasted, the creek behind me was back down within hours, and the Meramec was at least back in her banks by the next day. There hasn't really been anymore flooding since the heavy rains on the 8th.

I will have internet at my new home on Thursday! :) Yay! Got pretty much everything moved this weekend.

OSNW3 said...

We're right about at the half way point for average precip as well. That cold front must have stretched pretty far south, eh? 30's down by you this time of year must've been a shock to the system.

We're supposed to reach 80 mid week, for one day.

Enjoy your last week of school. I am sure the kids are squirrelly... and maybe even a teacher or two. :)

Chris said...

We had temperatures in the mid 30's a night or two ago. I bet you can't wait for the last day of school; I can almost guarantee that the kids are ready!

WxWatcher said...

Yeah, in my youth, I was mistakenly under the impression that teachers were depressed when school was not in session. I can attest to the opposite. We are all ready, and I have to say that although the kids are very excited, they are doing a great job studying for their finals.

Squirreliness aboundeth...but it is controlled chaos. :)

30 degrees WAS a shock, but not unwelcomed. It was a refreshing morning. The cold front really "cleaned out" our air.

Ami said...

I should get internet today!!! Yay!!! I hope I get to see you this weekend! I miss my baby brother.