Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Weather Summary

May is coming to an end pretty quietly for Missouri. The first half of the month saw some active weather in our area and across the state. At this station, we recorded six days with thunder, all occurring during the first 15 days of the month. We were not impacted by any severe weather, although the threat was upon us a couple times. We did report two storms that contained hail, most of which was less than 0.25". This link will take you to a database of CoCoRaHS hail reports.

The second half of May has been nothing short of beautiful. Aside from a few days with rain near the end of the month, we have had lots of sun, relatively low humidity, and light winds. In fact, during the entire month, we only reported four days with wind gusts at or above 20 mph. (Compared to April's total of nine days).

Daily Observations can be found here


High: 94° on May 22

Low: 37° on May 17

Mean High
(Average): 80.9° (74.6°)

Mean Low (Average): 53.8° (52.8°)


We were running on a deficit throughout most of the month because of the quiet weather pattern that set up during the middle of the month. But a tropical system that brought incredible flooding and damage to Florida advanced Northwest bringing us some needed moisture. We ended up getting 2.49" during our last week of the month, bringing us above the average mark by 0.44".

Average May Precipitation: 4.97"


OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, very nice recap once again. I noticed at least one "dog day" (by my standards) in your daily observations. However, regardless the dewpoint and overnight temp, any day with temps in the middle 80's or low 90's is uncomfortable to me. Unless of course I am on a tropical island, sitting in the ocean, or something. :)

You were quite a bit above average for your daytime max temps. We were below, but we both were around a degree above our min temps. Interesting.

Ami said...

OSNW3, we should get up to around 92 today - certainly a "dog day". :o) I like it though!