Thursday, May 28, 2009

May is winding down, and the tropical system that brought flooding rain to Florida gave our ground a nice soaking. After yesterday's 1.20" catch, our May total is finally in the black. A couple of days ago, we received 0.88" within a few hours early one morning, and by the time I checked the gauge (around 6 am), the garden had drank up the moisture. There wasn't the usual ponding in it...a testament to how much we needed the rain!

It has been a great week. I am taking a week off before starting my summer job, so I've been spending it by spending some great time with my family, giving my wife a more than deserved break from the girls, and took a day-long fishing trip to Montauk State Park to do some trout fishing yesterday.

What a beautiful drive it was yesterday. Heading down 63, the fog was filling the valleys making for a wonderful morning drive. After the two hour drive, most of the fog had lifted and we enjoyed partly sunny skies most of the day.

By mid-day, some storms began to rise, and my attention shifted from the crystal clear water to these white towers building above me. The convection was think how far away the clouds tops are from my vantage point and to see such fast movement attests to the power of these storms. We only got a few showers from the cells around us, but heard lots of thunder. We headed to the truck when they got too close for comfort!

Something took me by surprise before we got to the park. We started noticing a few trees knocked down in yards and fields, and more and more...and even more as we got closer to the park. Evidently these trees were knocked over by straightline winds from the May 8 storms that rocked southern Missouri. There were 210 high wind reports, 47 tornadoes, and 107 hail reports that day. Here is the link to the SPC Report Page

I'll have a May wrap-up next week. Looks like the weather might get more active for the beginning of June.


OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, seems like a very exciting day trip! How fantastic! It's about to get HOT down by you, eh?! :)

How many trout did you bag?

Ami said...

I'm ready for a hot and dry weather pattern! Our yard likes to collect water, so the front has been like a swamp for most of the past few weeks. Makes for a difficult mowing job!

WxWatcher, once again you have a beautiful post! I love how descriptive you are!! I think I will put a new post up tonight with the picture of the two of us - if you are okay with that.

I won't be able to give a monthly total for my station, but will give the partial month total. Next month will be neat to see the difference between our totals. Now if only we could get Dad to get on here and at least tell us his monthly total! Oh, wait! One of us can just search his station and figure it out!! We should do that!

Okay, enough jabbering for now. Happy Friday to everyone!!

Ami said...

BTW - thanks for the link!! I had no idea there were so many tornado/hail/wind reports that day!!

WxWatcher said...

OSNW3, I ended up netting 24. A wonderful day indeed! The weather was just awesome. Today's a visit to Grant's Farm in St. Louis with the family. The cold front that passed yesterday should dry the air out nicely. You're right...we're going to get hot very soon!

Ami, thanks for the kind words, you are such an encouragement. Go ahead and put the pic up on your blog, that's cool. Hope you enjoy your Friday! :o)

Ami said...

Have fun at Grant's Farm! Give ALL of your girls hugs for me!