Saturday, May 16, 2009

5/15 Storms

Yesterday brought warm and muggy conditions to mid-Missouri. During the beginning of the day we had more sun than clouds, but thunderstorms far to our northeast blew some cirrostratus clouds our way. Even with the high-overcast afternoon, the May sun was strong enough to warm us into the upper 80s.

As the cold front approached, strong and severe storms were formed and dropped a TON of rain. I took some pictures (and a couple of videos) with our camera. The clouds were wicked looking! As the initial storm approached us, it had a light green color to it...research has been done into this and has concluded that a color like that is indicative of hail in the storm.

We did get some small hail (larger than rice, smaller than pea) that lasted about 30 seconds then quit. When all was said and done, we ended up with 1.12".

I'll post more about the storm, along with pictures on Monday (and the video if I can get it figured is MPEG 4 format if anyone has insight!).

Dry and beautiful weather this weekend!

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