Friday, May 22, 2009

Daily Station Data Now Posted

I have added my spreadsheet of daily observations to the list of links on the right sidebar. Find it under Daily Observations. So far I have March and April recorded.

Boy, you can feel the moisture increase as it advances in from the SE as the subtropical moisture begins to advect our way. Chris had some amazing stats on the CoCoRaHS blog today about the amount of rain some parts of Florida has received this week!

Yesterday broke our streak of cloudless skies by greeting us with some fair weather cumulus clouds. It was a beautiful day to say the least. The clouds are growing taller today, and some isolated showers and storms are occurring in the area...mainly north of here.


OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher! I am impressed with how you used the available tools for posting your Daily Observations! I am excited to analyze the data...

AND welcome to your Summer vacation!

Ami said...

Very very cool!!! You'll have to teach me how to do that sometime. See you soon!!!!!!!

WxWatcher said...

Thanks guys. There are still kinks in the system, but with more experience, I'll get those worked out. I really enjoy it, AND I also look forward to analyze the data!

Yay! It IS summer! Yesterday was our last day (for the teachers). We had the whole day to get grades finalized and our room cleaned up and ready for summer school. I don't do summer school, so I don't have to be back until August!! Of course, after a hectic last week, it's going to take me all weekend to recover. I was joking with my wife this morning saying that I have a "teacher hangover" this morning.

AND, I have one of my 8th grade students checking the CoCoRaHS gauge (MO-CW-5) during the summer. Hopefully, he'll get hooked and begin a station of his own at his house. :o)

Beautiful cumulus congestus clouds building to the south of me (I'm in Rolla) this morning. Already heard some thunder with some showers earlier...the farm is so peaceful today, makes me feel better already! See you soon, Ami!