Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Night Storm Update

Quick recap on today's snow:

Early this morning, a very thin band of moderate snow moved through the area and dropped 0.5" on us (in my previous post, I estimated 1").

It stayed dry for the most part until just before 7:00 a.m. when a small area of light to moderate snow marched overhead. That was the catalyst that caused a flurry of superintendents calling off school in the area. (I was already at school when I got the call)

Through the mid-day hours, light flurry activity dominated the sky. After noon, the activity increased to light/moderate rates. This continued until just now, when as of this post the snow is coming to an end. I expect this to be the storm total, although I will wait until my scheduled 7:00 a.m. reporting time tomorrow morning. Storm total stands at 1.2" at this station.
I got my inch!

Local storm reports are showing much more impressive amounts to the south and east of this location. Many areas have been receiving heavy sleet for hours, and are just now getting a layer of snow on top of that. My Mom reported to me this morning in Rolla that Monday night's sleet layer has an icy crust on the top. They sure have a mess down there.

Here's a graphic of the sleet that accumulated south of here yesterday. Their totals are higher tonight. I'm looking forward to getting a full recap from the NWS offices.

Much of the snow we have received have been needle-shaped. I would like to one day study the formation of snow, and what atmospheric conditions are needed to produce the different shapes.

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Ami said...

I don't even have a ruler at my new house to know exactly how much snow and sleet we have received, but it sleeted another 2" or so (for a total of about 3") before turning to snow last night. I think it snowed all night, it was still snowing lightly this morning. We probably received 4-5" of snow on top of the sleet! Wow! We have quite a beautiful mess here this morning.