Sunday, January 25, 2009

Round One Over, More Snow Expected

Snow began to fall this morning around 5:30, and by daybreak it was accumulating somewhat on the roads/sidewalks around the house. It was a very grainy snow, with some dendritic flakes mixed in. By mid-day, the snowfall had subsided, leaving 0.25" on the snow board. Normally that wouldn't excite me much, but I know more is on the way.

Tomorrow afternoon, snow is expected to spread from west to east and overtake much of Missouri due to an approaching trough. Column will be cold enough for an all snow event here in Fulton, but points south and east of here (especially in the bootheel area) may get significant icing up to 3/4".

Snow Forecast From the NWS Office in St. Louis

An update tomorrow...


OSNW3 said...

My brother in-law was up here this weekend from STL. He wasn't very excited when I told him about the snow he should expect this week. He's a pizza delivery driver and is working Tuesday night. The road ways are mayhem in STL, from what I've experienced, when it snows a good snow.

I am anxious to see what develops. Enjoy. Perhaps school will be canceled! Who doesn't love snow days, right?

WxWatcher said...

Yes, I am one of the very fortunate ones that actually gets a day off work when it snows. I feel for your brother-in-law and everyone else who have to drive in snow/ice.

That being said...I am definitely hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

Ami said...

WxWatcher, can I steal my picture back since you changed yours? Emailing to me would be wonderful!! :)

I have mixed feelings about the coming system - does that image from the NWS on your blog actually forecast 7.1" for me????

Should be interesting! I'll keep you updated on our precip and accumulations.

WxWatcher said...

Pic is in the mail, Ami.

It sure looks like you will have around 7"...maybe more by tomorrow!

Ami said...

Thanks! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!