Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Storm Recap

What a storm. Even though we didn't receive much in the way of accumulation, it has been interesting to watch this one pan out. I look forward to studying this one in more detail when I get the time.

At this station:

New Snow: 1.4"
New Snow SWE: 0.21"
Storm Total: 1.8"
Storm Total SWE: 0.26"

The NWS St. Louis office has released storm totals:

View it HERE

Here is a picture from the back yard.

It looks like Steelville officially received 3.3" of sleet/snow. I'm sure it's beautiful down there. Send me some pictures if you can and I'll post them on here.


Ami said...

I guarantee there is way more than 3.3" down here. I took a couple of pictures this morning with my phone. I'll try to email them to you.

Ami said...

Here is a local storm report that I just found...

01/28/2009 1130 am

7 miles SW of Steelville, Crawford County.

Snow m7.0 inch, reported by trained spotter.

Storm total... 3.8 inches of snow... 3.2 inches of sleet

WxWatcher said...

That makes sense.

I look forward to the pics!

Ami said...

I emailed them to you this morning. Let me know if you didn't get them and I'll try again.