Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Storm Links/Photos

  • Photos from NWS in Paducah, KY office.

  • St. Louis, MO Office Storm Summary (Includes a nice satellite photo of snow cover)

Some reports out of the Memphis office are amazing. If you have the time, read a few of them. There are some reports of an estimated 2" of ice. It's no wonder the damage there looks like a tornado went through.

My sister, Ami in Steelville sent me some photos of the snow at her house:


OSNW3 said...

The photos from Paducah, KY are amazing. The second one down is the most amazing to me. Each of the links you provided give great insight on the storm. My in-laws, in STL, didn't go anywhere during the storm. I don't blame them. If you're interested, the radar loop of the storm can be found HERE (8MB).

Ami, thanks for sharing the photos. I see car tracks, do you have a long driveway through the woods? Did you get to shovel?

Bob said...

I’ll answer the question you post on my blog here. The only photos I got were around my property. I posted a few of those in earlier posts. My son and I did drive the 90 miles into Spokane, WA, just over a week ago. Unfortunately, I did not bring a camera with me. We say the power crews out and about. They were using long fiberglass poles to knock down the frozen fog build-up on the power lines. Looked like very tedious work.

Ami said...

OSNW3 ~ the tracks you see are truck tracks from the person who had to transport me to and from work all week! I finally got my car out last night. The driveway is probably a quarter mile like what you see, but it is off a county highway. Once I get out of my driveway, the roads are clear.

And no, I didn't shovel anything. :) I have very nice friends who do stuff like that for me.

Bob ~ My brother told me about the frozen fog. I saw some of your pictures and checked out the news story (I think you had a link to it). Amazing!! Beautiful pictures, but just as any ice storm, I'm sure it is not fun to deal with.

Ami said...

Wxwtcher ~ thanks for the links in your post! Amazing the kind of destruction a storm like this can do.

Chris said...

Wow....Those Paducah pictures are amazing!