Saturday, November 6, 2010

October Weather Summary

What a change we experienced this month!  A quick look at our data throughout the year, and October will stick out.  Dry and warmer-than-average is the best way to summarize the month.  We have had only 0.54" recorded over the past 41 days, and 71% of those days recorded higher than average max temps.  The dry and warm weather couldn't have come at a better time, as the regional farmers were given ample time to get in their crops.  Most are done now, and have started in on their winter work.

We had our first frost on Oct. 4th
Our first freeze occurred on Oct. 29


The above average temperatures were incredible.  It gave us a longer than normal transition period between summer and winter.  Usually in this region we get about 10 days of "chamber of commerce weather" before cold/windy days arrive. 

Mean Temp:  59.5°
Deviation:  3.4°
Maximum:  85° on 8-Oct
Minimum:  28° on 29-Oct


Not much happening here.  As you can see in the graphic below, much of the country had dry rain buckets, with extremes in SE Texas and Florida.


Average October:  3.25"
Actual October:  0.54"  (-2.71")

Days with measurable precipitation:  4

Check out the contrast between last year and this year.

Other Weather Info:

Days with thunder:  1
Days with fog:  4
Days with wind gust (>= 20 mph):  16

A final count on mowing the yard:  22.  Kids in the neighborhood here charge ~$20 per yard.  That's a pretty good haul for a teenager, especially if you have the time to work several houses through the summer.


OSNW3 said...

The kids on your block are making a haul over the summer cutting grass! How surprising it is to see your precipitation total below an inch for the month. Global warming. ;)

I predict Nov 27, 2010 will be the day the STL area receives it first 1 inch snowfall. I am bringing my daughters boots, jic.

WxWatcher said...

I would love a good snow on the 27th. Many of our staff here at school are predicting the first snow around that time, too. We'll see!

Yeah, bring her shorts just in case, never know with our weather!