Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Freeze 2010 / YouTube Channel

It seems that our first freeze will occur tonight and tomorrow morning.  The historic cyclone that set records and wreaked havoc for much of the country also brought with it some cold, dense air.  The ridge of high pressure, coupled with a light wind will provide us with our first freeze of the year.

Wxwtchr YouTube Channel now online!

Thanks to OSNW3 and Bob for the idea, I started a channel for this station in Fulton.  I posted a video tonight (the rest are on my work computer).  But now that we have an upgraded system at home, you can expect much more to come! 


OSNW3 said...

What was your low overnight? I got to 28.

WxWatcher said...

I left the house this morning before sunrise, and it was 29.5. I suspect it would have dropped more, possibly bottoming out at 29.

First day to scrape the frost off the windshield.

Bob said...

We've only had one frosty morning. Currently we're dealing with overcast and light rain. The temps and dew points are real close.

Congrats on the You Tube Channel...