Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Indian Summer Coming to and End

Although I can't find specific thresholds defining the beginning and end of an Indian Summer, I can say with confidence that our current warm period is coming to an end.  After our first frost on Oct. 4th, and another frost on the 5th, our skies cleared and temperatures stayed well above normal for a 6 day period.  High pressure settled in the mid-section of the nation, keeping millions high and dry for the beginning of October. 

A strong system from the NW has finally provided enough kick to move that airmass out of the area, and we are experiencing more seasonal cloudy, rainy, and normal temperatures for the mid-section of the week.  


OSNW3 said...

It's still crazy gorgeous up here. Predicted to be in the low 70s again today. 60's for the rest of the week with mostly sunny conditions. Which is still much above average for this time of year.

I'll say that our Indian Summer will end once the high temperature drops below average... *shrug* Until then, it's still on up here in my backyard.

Chris said...

Yeah, it feels great up here in Wisconsin. It's beginning to look like fall.

OSNW3 said...

It's over, although I got burnt yesterday at the Packer game.

WxWatcher said...

Always a worthwhile event. I always imagined that would be a great stadium to watch a game.

We're back to seasonal temps, although still dry. We will get more active next week.