Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter Storms

The dry weather pattern that has dominated our region for the past 60 days is beginning to ease up.  After 56 days of only 0.99" of precip, we have enjoyed three days in a row with rainfall, and two of them graced us with thunderstorms. 

On Monday, you could feel the moisture in the air all day as a strong southerly WAA was in effect.  The trailing cold front brought some strong storms to the area.  In Auxvausse, the rain and wind was pretty intense, but at home I only found 0.06 in the gauge.  Our wind topped 40 mph with the strongest storm.

This morning, we have had steady light to moderate rain with embedded storms, although not as strong as Monday's.  The main feature of these storms is heavy rain.  We have ponding in our back yard this morning, not because of large amounts of rain, but rather because of our extremely dry semi-impermeable clay soil.

Awaiting a strong cold front tonight.  Should be a brisk day tomorrow!


OSNW3 said...

We decided to wait out the storm. Seems like a good decision. That line of storms is something I would not want to be driving through at night.

WxWatcher said...

Smart move. We've had tornadoes on the ground in parts of SW MO this evening.

I enjoyed the 1st accumulating snow vid you posted. Our daughters grew tired of trying to catch snow in their mouths. They figured out that you can pack more snow in if they just face plant themselves on the snow!