Monday, November 2, 2009

An October To Remember

--- Updated 11/4 ---

This summer was quiet in the world of weather blogs.  We have more than made up for it this month, though.  October 2009 brought with it record cold and wet weather.  We saw a couple mornings with frost early on, but for the most part, the temperature stayed above freezing overnight.  Here are some notable stats on the month:

  • We experienced 21 days with at least a trace of precip
  • Average Temperature:  50.8° *4th coldest October*
  • Total Precip:  12.49" *New Record for Fulton*
  • Fun Fact:
    • Every Thursday was wet
    • Every Saturday was dry <-- Correlation?

Click HERE for MO-CW-1 Daily Observations


We only exceeded the average high temperature 5 times this month.

Highest Temp:  75° on Oct. 20

Lowest Temp:  30° on Oct. 18

Mean High (average):  59.3° (68.0°)  |  -8.7

Mean Low (average):  42.4° (44.1°)  |  +1.7

Mean Temp (average):  50.8° (56.0°)  |  +5.2

Days Above Average High:  5

Days Below Average High:  26


Days with measurable precipitation:  18

Days with thunder:  5

Our yearly total so far.  The average yearly precipitation total for Fulton is 41.22"

Looking at a comparison of the past three Octobers gives you an idea of the huge month this has been.

Monthly Average:  3.25"

Finally, a data disaggregation of our precip this month:

Looking Ahead to November

Looking at the CPC models, a drier and warmer start to November seems to be the hand dealt to us.  I am glad for the break.  I'd like to take some time analyzing the past month some more.  I'm sure I'll want to know more about what happened a few years from now.



Bob said...

Your precipitation figures bring back memories of our 12 years in SE Texas. We had an annual average of 55 inches. I really don't miss that much rain. On the other hand, it is hard to live in a continuing drought region here in the west.

Really nice, comprehensive charts...

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, you had 5 thunderstorms in October... I can't remember the last thunderstorm I've witnessed. Other than that and your extreme precipitation total, I would say October was similar for the both of us.

As for November is concerned, I will not mind the moderate temps. This weekend, highs are forecast in the upper 50's. 10° above average. For precipitation, I would much like the wet weather to continue, up here.

WxWatcher said...


You sure went from one extreme to another. Warm, gulf moisture pumping into your area for 12 years. Now dry, mountain air throughout the year. I'm curious to know...which would you rather?


I love Missouri for many reasons, but the fact that we can have thunder during any month of the year is a big one. I'm up for more mild weather. I just hope it starts snowing in your area in a couple of weeks. ;o)

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, we do have some mix precip in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Last years first 1" snowfall came out of the blue... perhaps this year it will too. :)

Bob said...

You asked what weather pattern I prefer.

First, let me say the weather in SE Texas was eventful year-round (we also lived in West Texas for nine years - high desert near New Mexico and Mexico).

Good ole SE TX had it all: trpoical storms, really nice thunderstorms, hurricanes (we evac'd for one), a tornado now and then and hot and humid. Well, we are now in a calmer pattern, generally speaking, and I like it alot. We have seasons here and that is important to us.

WxWatcher said...

I can understand your desire for a quieter, calmer seasonal weather pattern. SE Texas sure does seem to get a lot of extremes. I like them now and then, but I too need a break from time to time.

OSNW3, I keep checking the forecast models (long range weather, and climate predictions). Thanks for setting up the little competition, it's fun. I want that shirt!

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, the latest short term trend is above avg temps, day and night, which isn't promoting much snowfall. I would enjoy a chance of a 1" snowfall by next Saturday though. Now that most of the trees are bare, I am anxious for the ground to turn white.