Monday, November 16, 2009

October Re-visited

I'll start today's post with an interesting statistic for the year:

The wettest month this year was October -- with a total rainfall of 12.49".
Immediately following this, we experienced our driest period of the year, with 16 days of no measurable precipitation (>T)

After a very warm beginning to November, October is back with temperatures in the 40s and all-day rain events.  Some cooler air is spilling in behind the storm system bringing 5-8" of snow to Kansas.  Our first rain of the month came on the 15th with 2.08".  I thought we might actually have a month with below average precip, but I'm starting to think again.  These poor farmers in Callaway County are having a hard time getting their crops in.  There are still fields half-full of corn in places.


Chris said...

Oof. Yeah, we'll be gettin' some rain here soon, I think.

I can't believe KANSAS is getting snow before Wiscosin. ;)


WxWatcher said...

Yeah, no kidding! They're getting quite a blanket.

Bob said...

Rain at the wrong time is not the welcomed rain that famers generally like. Hope the harvest works out OK.

Gledwood said...

Do you know it rained 12" in ONE SINGLE DAY in Cucumbria, which is a place in Northern England, this week, causing terrible flood damage ...

WxWatcher said...

That is unreal. I can't imagine what 12" would be like.

The most we've had here (since this station went up late 2006) is 4.56" in one day. I don't think our storm drains could have handled much more than that.

Thanks for sharing, Gledwood!

OSNW3 said...

I read a comment on Cliff's blog (a link from Bob's blog of course) that England has been getting hammered with rain.

Day 1: 1.6" rain
Day 2: 1.1" rain
Day 3: 0.3" rain
Day 4: 0.8" rain
Day 5: 12.4" rain
Day 6: 1.4" rain
Day 7: 0.2" rain

precip totals verbatim from the comment.

WxWatcher said...

I wonder what's causing such the mess. I'll check out the blog later today, thanks for posting, OSNW3.

OSNW3 said...

You betcha. Cliff's blog isn't about England, but instead the great northwest usa. (I am sure are aware)