Saturday, July 4, 2009

Toad Strangler!

I woke up a few times to thunder and heavy rain pounding against the house. Boy was I surprised to see the gauge this morning. 3.52" fell between midnight and my 7:32 a.m. observation time. I'm not sure when the precip began exactly.

July's average precip is 4.12". I'll post again with the combined total when the rain stops today.

Happy 4th!


We received 0.20" since the morning reading, bringing our total to 3.72" since last night.


Ami Jo said...

That is crazy!!! What is your record for 24 hours? I would think that would be in the top 5 24-hour totals!

WxWatcher said...

4.56" on 9/14/08 was my all-time high. It was an all-night rain like this one. It's crazy, an area about 10 miles SE of us got 6.24"!

Click this Link to get the 2-day totals.

You've got me thinking what my top ten are...hmm.

Chris said...

From midnight to 7:30 you had that much rain?!? Tremendous!

I wonder what the top 5 or 10 rainfall totals are! I might search for that when I have more time!