Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July Weather Summary

July has come and gone. As I sit tonight on the farm, listening to the chorus of nighttime in Missouri (and a sleeping dog in the room), I find myself reflecting on the pleasures of July. After-dinner walks with my beautiful girls, morning runs, fishing trips, and blackberry pickin'...there usually isn't much to speak of as far as the weather is concerned, but that's okay. It seems that even the weather needs a break, too. This July is no different as we haven't experienced any major weather events. The conversations you here today--and many other areas--speak the tone of how beautiful our weather has been! Here are some notable stats:

> Maximum temperature: 90° on July 11
> Minimum temperature: 56° on July 18, 19*, 20* (*record)
> Mean temperature: 72.3° (Second coldest July at COU)
> Days we've met or exceeded average max temp: 3

In the precipitation department, we have run a surplus this year once again. Last year's deluge near the end of the month offered us an unheard of total of 11.77" of rain. I was away for that 3-day event, but was welcomed home with a rain gauge filled more than half way! Here are the totals from the last three years:

July 2007 ..... 1.42"
July 2008 ..... 11.77"
July 2009 ..... 6.48"


I did a little research on 100 degree days here as it seems that it's been a while. My hunch was right, we haven't experienced a day over 100° since August 16, 2007.

Here is a list of 100° days as recorded at the Columbia Regional Airport (COU):

2009: None

2008: None

  • 8/7 : 100°
  • 8/11: 103°
  • 8/12: 102°
  • 8/14: 104°
  • 8/15: 105°
  • 8/16: 103°
  • 7/19: 101°
  • 7/20: 103°
  • 7/29: 101°
  • 7/30: 103°
  • 7/31: 102°
  • 8/1 : 102°
  • 8/2 : 103°
  • 8/6 : 103°
  • 8/9 : 102°
  • 7/20: 100°
  • 7/21: 102°
  • 7/22: 103°
  • 7/23: 105°
  • 7/24: 105°
  • 7/25: 102°
  • 8/3 : 100°
  • 8/10: 101°
2004: None

  • 8/17: 103°
  • 8/18: 101°
  • 8/19: 100°
  • 8/20: 102°
  • 8/21: 105°
  • 8/25: 101°
  • 8/26: 101°
2002: None

2001: None

2000: None



As I walked out to my car yesterday morning before the sun was up, I was greeted with a familiar sensation. A warm front had passed through and brought with it the wet sultry air that fills your lungs this time of year. It sure made me thankful for the absence of heat and humidity last month.

High: 90° on July 10

Low: 56° on July 18, 19*, 20*

Mean High (Average): 81.8° (88.6°)

Mean Low (Average): 63.1° (66.3°)


Had it not been for heavy rain on the 3rd, this would have been a below average month for the rain bucket. Our daily total of 3.52" on that day helped us reach our surplus of 2.36".

Average July Precip: 4.12"

EAA Oshkosh

I went with my dad, brother, and his two sons this past weekend up in OSNW3's part of the country for the annual Airventure air show. The show impressed me on so many levels, and the weather followed suit. With the exception of a brief shower early Saturday morning in response to the cold front passing through, we had partly cloudy skies all day Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures struggled to get out of the 70s both days, too. I will post pictures later this week.

The time has almost come to get the kids back in the classroom. Since we don't have AC yet, here's to another cool month!


Ami Jo said...

So rather than the greenhouse affect causing "global warming", maybe it is causing "global COOLING"???? ;-)

This week is going to be pretty hot - I hope you are able to dress a little casual since there aren't any kids at school yet!! Good luck with your first day! will always be my 'LITTLE' brother, even if you have been bigger than me for the past 10 years now!

Have a fabulous week!! Love ya little brother! :o)

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, glad you enjoyed your time in Oshkosh at the EAA. That shower on Saturday AM registered 0.01" in my gauge. A great July for Fulton, MO indeed. We need to look back at the coldest July and consider what is to come... perhaps it will shed some light. I'll try to dig up some dirt on my area...

Excited to see your EAA photos. When does class start?!

WxWatcher said...

Ami, I am enjoying dressing casual before the kids get back. I'm in the process now of getting my room back in shape, and better organized. Hope the hot weather gets it out of its system before school starts!

OSNW3, I enjoyed my time very much. I think I already said this, but your area looks a lot like mine with the farm land and all.

I'll start digging back to the top 10 coldest for COU and see if there are any trends we can expect. It should be interesting.

School starts on the 19th!! How about up there? I know you all go into mid-June, so do you have a later start?