Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Weather Summary

June was a fun month for weather watchers in Missouri. Up to this point in the year, we haven't been impacted with anything out of the ordinary, but this month saw multiple heat advisories, dew point temperatures consistently in the upper 70s, and a mesocyclone with 1.25" hail in the area.

Daily Observations

We received 7 days with wind gusts at or equal to 20 mph. Four of these recorded gusts came from thunderstorms, the other three were sustained winds.

This station also recorded 11 days with thunder, either in the vicinity or directly impacting the station.

View the observations here


High: 97° on June 17, 19, 21, 22

Low: 49° on June 5

Mean High (Average): 86.5° (83.6°)

Mean Low (Average): 63.3° (61.8°)


As you can see from the daily observations, the majority of our rain fell during a very active period from June 7 - 17. This year has been the wettest of the past three years by over an inch.

Average June Precipitation: 3.87"


Ami Jo said...

I will have a post tonight (if I'm feeling better) with my June totals. :o)

Hope you all are doing well.


WxWatcher said...

I look forward to your totals, Ami! I've been so busy this month, I haven't been able to keep up with your and Dad's reports.

Sorry we won't be seeing you this weekend, I'm sure the firework show will be awesome. I liked the flyer your kids made!

OSNW3 said...

It's down right hot in MO! My wife and daughter were in STL last week and it was just too darn hot to be outdoors. They were happy to come home for when they arrived max temps were struggling to break 70 up here.

Your 11 thunderstorms in June compare nicely to my 7 that I've witnessed all of 2009. :)

That HI pressure caused some heat. It was real warm here when I was in NE for work. It was warm in NE as well hitting the century mark two of the four days I was there... so I didn't completely miss out on the heat this time around.