Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3.2" February 13 Snow

Finally, a substantial amount has fallen in the Show-Me State.  Most of Missouri has been blessed with a comfortable blanket of snow, and with temperatures only in the upper 20s/low 30s, it makes for great weather to get out and enjoy it.
The snow fell through most of the daylight hours yesterday, with periods of moderate to heavy snow in the afternoon.  Below is a picture from the farm in Rolla caught around 4:00.  Rolla ended up with around 4"

With temperatures climbing to the 40s and 50s later this week (the norm for winter '11-'12), our snow won't last.  Flowers will start poking through next month!


OSNW3 said...

Hey, nice picture!

Chris said...

Certainly a very nice snowfall. You have more snow on the ground than us now. ;)

wxwtchr said...

Thanks OSNW3! I have to credit my sis on that one. Nothing better than being in the woods during a snowstorm.

Chris, that is nuts. It's the story of this winter, though. I don't know about you two in WI, but we're ready to get going with spring.