Thursday, December 8, 2011

First inch of '11-'12 Winter

Our first inch of snow came through Monday night, and took most everybody here by surprise.  By 5:00 am, we had nearly half an inch on the ground and roads, which made it a slick drive to work.  Snow fell steadily throughout the day, albeit in spurts between light snow and flurries.  When the day was done, and after a bit of melting, we ended up with 1".  Only missed that date by three days this year! 

Calling for light snow tonight.  I'm looking for a birthday snow!


Bob said...

First off, welcome back!!

I really like the idea of a "snowboard" great thing for the kids I'm sure.

We've had 1.4" of snow so far this winter. Expected more by now yet there is alot more winter to come.

wxwtchr said...

Thanks Bob, once I saw my first flakes of the year, I thought to myself, "I've got to blog about this!"

This winter has started out much different than last year. It's been warm and wet, which is what has been predicted for this year. Just hasn't felt "wintery" yet, which is nice. Sure looking forward to a good layer of snow, though.

Much more winter to come indeed. Here's to more snow in WA

OSNW3 said...

According to my 'winter season duration' formula winter has yet to begin in my back yard. :)

WxWatcher said...

Oh, that's crazy OSNW3! I have a feeling winter is about to start...for all of us.