Friday, December 3, 2010

Supercell Pictures

Follow this link for some awesome July storm pictures from storm photographer Sean Heavey


OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, I have to agree with many of the comments on that thread. These images are obviously enhanced and it's too bad, because had they been left alone they'd be better off.

Check this entry out.
Great Sky of the North

WxWatcher said...

Wow. I feel a little embarrassed that I was duped. I think my subsidence of technological literacy has eroded by ability to exercise discernment in cases such as these. :\

I don't think we could do anything to enhance the natural beauty around us.

OSNW3 said...

Don't get me wrong, those pictures are awesome. So, to lighten up the mood... cool time-lapse videos from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet. Today is the first time I've run across this site. Perhaps it's old news to you, but I'll link it anyway. :)

IEM Cool Stuff

I don't think we'll be seeing our first inch tonight. But, who knows.

WxWatcher said...

OSNW3, I was unaware of that site as well. Very cool stuff! I could watch time-lapse videos for hours...there's so much to see in just one video.

Pedagogically speaking, there's much to be learned from the videos, too! This may show up in class very soon.

Thanks for sharing, that's awesome.

Bob said...

The photos are really nice and Photoshop is a wonderful tool. The power of a natural event, weather, a wildland fire or whatever, really doesn't need to be touched up in a post production mode.

I think the more I look back on the many natural events I've witnessed the more I am astounded with the other senses - sounds, smells and sometimes taste.