Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec. 11-12 Winter Storm

(Source:  NWS STL)

Update 8:00 a.m.

The snow ended early this morning and the wind didn't let up a bit all night.  With gusts sustaining in the upper 30 mph range, it made for some difficult snow measurements this morning.  I made multiple measurements around the yard, and came up with a 2.0" total.  This storm reminds me of the January 6-7, 2010 storm.  Strong NW winds made similar drifting patterns, although more exaggerated due to double the amount of snow then.  Pictures from that storm can be found here.  Compare those with this year's storm.

Here are a couple of pictures from the storm:

Update 12:00 a.m.

Snow is currently falling with vigor in Missouri again.  After much anticipation, we will reach our first inch tonight.  We reached our maximum temperature of 46° around 10:00 am, and by 10:00 pm we were at 17°.  Morning rain changed to a mist, and then quit for a while.  Around 2:00 we started seeing flurries flying around, which intensified bit by bit through the evening hours.  Tonight, at 12:00 am snow is falling at a moderate rate and wind gusts are reaching 40 mph.  The current temp is 16°.

I tried to make a measurement, and my best estimation is a current depth of 0.5".  Below is a video I shot and the coinciding radar image at 11:45 pm.


OSNW3 said...

Excellent stuff, WxWatcher. That 2" total is making for some tall drifts. I bet it feels extra cold down there today.

As for my property, drifts on the east side of my house cover the nieghbors car that was parked in their driveway. He's snow blowing it out now and blowing onto my radiation shield for my temp gauge. AHHH. :)

Ami Jo said...

Great pictures WxWatcher! I haven't ventured out yet this morning, I think I'm allergic to the wind! But from looking outside, we have a couple inches of snow, and the wind is horrible! Wish I had my station up! Told Tim that's what I want for Christmas. :)

Bob said...

You and OSNW3 both got hit - great stuff.

It's been rather "calm" here though we missed a week with our trip down to San Diego. Drove back from the Spokane Airport last night in the snow which bacame rain here. Currently in the high 30's with just ssome patches of snow on the ground - most if has melted away.

WxWatcher said...

OSNW3, I sounded an audible "whoa" when I turned the corner of my house this morning. That drift was pretty cool. As difficult as the snow is to measure, I just love to look and study the patterns created by the wind. The back of my house points to the NW, which is pretty much where the wind was coming from overnight. The front side got the wicked "pocket" drifts.

By the's comforting knowing that there are others who have a radiation shield at their residence. I get strange looks when I tell people I have one. :)

Ami Jo, Thanks! It's probably a good thing you didn't get outside this morning. I was completely covered from head to toe, but the part of my face that was exposed was pretty raw. I was trying to make all my measurements by walking backwards into the wind...didn't work out so well.

I think getting the station up would be a wonderful gesture from your soon-to-be husband!

Bob, a week in San Diego sounds like paradise! Although, I'm not yet ready to give up the snow. It's still early enough in the year that I tell people that I "like the bitter cold". Wait 90 days and I'll be singing another tune. It's still looking like you're going to have a wet winter. Hope it's white!

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, I think the video goes very well with the radar image provided. Nice work. The intensiveness of this storm matches the Oct 26 version. I am excitingly but patiently awaiting the next go around in late Jan.

Today was crisp and cloudless. A perfect day after the blizzard.