Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August Weather Summary

This past month is easy for me to summarize:  Hot and sticky.  I know...kinda goes with the territory for mid-Missouri in the summer, but it was just nonstop this year.  It's possible that I've just been spoiled with the fantastic summers of 2008 and 2009.  We spent much of August this year under a heat advisory, and spent a two-week period with daily Heat Indices at or above 100°.  Not only is that uncomfortable, but it's also dangerous.  Heat is the #1 weather-related killer in the country.


Notice the beginning of the month.  Although we didn't get close to records, the constant heat was very uncomfortable.

Mean Temp:  79.6°
Deviation:  +4.0°
Maximum:  99° on Aug. 3, 10, 13
Minimum:  55° on Aug. 28

As a side note, the maximum dew point recorded this month was on Aug 9 at 79°


Yes, the temperature was the big story of the month, but making its appearance in the shop talk was once again what a wet summer we are having.  For the third year in a row, we have experienced above-average rainfall amounts.  So far, for the period of June - August, we are 4.91" above the 30-year mean.  With only 7 days with measurable precip, we ended up with a total of 6.80" this month (about half of that fell on Aug. 20 alone).

Average August:  3.64"
Actual August:  6.80"  (+3.16")

Days with measurable precip:  7

Other Weather Info:

Days with thunder:  4
Days with fog:  4
Days with wind gust (>= 20 mph):  4

Number of mows:  19


Bob said...

Hot and humid - I don't miss it at all. I do recall those days of high dew points down in SE TX.

Your rainfall is interesting - You're getting more rain over less days. Did you have any tropical storm systems move through your region?

Fall should begin to creep in duirng this month I would guess.

WxWatcher said...

Yeah Bob, I like all the seasons we get here in Missouri. And the best part is that by the time one season is on its way out, I'm ready for the next one. We are in our transition to fall now with drier air and nighttime temps back in the 50s.

I too found it interesting that we got over 6" of rain in just the seven days last month. Usually, that is a sign of a tropical system (which I'm sure was the case many times in SE TX), but ours was thanks to a stalled out front, and copius amounts of gulf moisture.

Yesterday we had the remnants of TS Hermine come through. The storm tracked south of us, so we only got .42" of a very light, steady evening rain. Very relaxing, actually. As of a 7 am viewing of today's CoCoRaHS map, some parts of Southern MO recorded over 4".

OSNW3 said...

The dangers of intense heat are very serious. The one that bothers me most is children being left in a car. Each time I hear of such an event taking place, I cringe. How could that ever happen?

We'll be in STL over Turkey Day. I am hoping for some 'nice' weather. Chances are we'll get some.

Some of our rains came in very large downpours this summer as well. Lots of moisture in the air that got rung out this year.

How's school?

WxWatcher said...

I think heat is one of the most underestimated weather danger. That could be one reason why it's the #1 killer. I think ABC's program "What Would You Do" did a piece on children being left in a car. That decision is beyond words for me, and defies all logic/common sense.

This school year has been the best in my 7 years. The kids really seem driven this year, and behave very well. A lot of that is due to an awesome team of teachers here. It's a big reason why I love working here.

STL for T-Day? Me too. We should get the families and hook up at Starbucks if you get the time. Our Thanksgivings can be nice for sure, and on the rare occasion we might get a little snow.

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, when in STL we are usually back and forth from the Florissant and St. Peters area. You?

September has been kicking major butt up here thus far. It's looking good that we'll get our first frost of the season overnight tonight, but then highs around 70 mid week. Today was cloudless with highs in the upper 50's. You can go wrong with that.

WxWatcher said...

We are in Warrenton during Thanksgiving, a short drive from St. Peters. If you all get some time, we wouldn't mind making the drive in to St. Peters/St. Charles (that's where my wife grew up) to a coffee shop or something. We can talk more specifics later if it works out for you guys. You can e-mail me if you'd like.

The NWS STL posted average frost data today. Seems our average in Fulton lies on October 19. We've seen it as early as Sep 19, though. Is this around the time of your average?

I've been loving the cool weather. I spent yesterday evening in a tree stand, just breathing in the cool NE air.