Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July Weather Summary

July ended with a warm and wet tone in the books, although if you were to guess, it would seem hot and dry.  Even with 13 days of precipitation, it didn't seem like it was overly wet (at this station).  Still, it was no typical July, but it has fallen in line with the past two years.  Although we were much cooler last year, we also recorded a surplus of +2.36" (this year was +2.83").


Mean Temp:  79.6°
Deviation:  +2.1°
Maximum:  96° on July 14
Minimum:  56° on July 2


Average July:  4.12"
Actual July:  6.95"  (+2.83")

Days with measurable precipitation:  13

Other Weather Info

Days with thunder:  10
Days with fog:  3
Days with wind gust (>=20 mph):  4

# of Mows so far this year?  14


OSNW3 said...

Even with our hot and humid weather of late, I still can't imagine living in yet more extreme conditions of the same. My Father in-law has been building a deck the past few weeks and he says it's very tiring work in the high heat and dew points.

WxWatcher said...

Wow, I can't imagine working outside in this heat. School starts next week, so we're looking for cool-down, or we won't have classes! I was in my room last night and the indoor temp was 87.

I picked my first cantaloupe from the garden last night. If you like cantaloupe, you have to grow some. They're the sweetest, juiciest ones I've ever had. Plus they love the heat.

Bob said...

Was July 2008 a bit unusual regarding the amount of precipitation for your area? We’ve taken the expected dive in precipitation out here – very little. On the other hand our temperatures haven’t been to overly hot. We’re in a nice cool down right now (68F @ 10:00 am).

La Nina has been the topic of discussion around here. If it materializes and carries some “power,” we will likely get another cold and snowy winter.

The NWS office in Spokane recently posted a Podcast on their website check it out: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/otx/outreach/podcasts/podcast.xml

Enjoy the garden production…

WxWatcher said...


July 2008 was indeed a very unusual month for precipitation. In fact 2008 altogether was unusual. We recorded two months with 10+" (July and Sep) for a yearly total of 59.88". That's 18.66" above average.

July was on average a cloudy and cool month, and like September the tropics were active and pumping large amounts of moisture up to us (had a tropical depression track right over us in September giving us a one-day total of 4.56"). I'm sure you remember those days from your time in Texas.

I am looking forward to cooler temperatures. I'm glad to hear you all are back to normal precip range. The extra water no doubt upsets much of the beautiful landscape where you are.

The garden has given us a bountiful supply of cantaloupe and peppers, but the tomatoes suffered from some July wind storms and blossom end rot, so it's been a bad year for them. If I get motivated, I'll clear a spot for some late spinach and lettuce.

No talk of La Nina over here yet. I'm already looking forward to our first snow.