Monday, April 5, 2010

March Weather Summary

Another textbook month for Mid-Missouri.  March offered a nice respite from the usual suspects of winter by bringing more warmth, humidity, thunder, and more color to the area.  Old man winter seemed to get one more punch in on the 20th with a day filled with snow to our west and sleet in the Fulton/Jeff City area.  Other than that, it was a very nice spring-filled month.  Especially the last week.  OSNW3, it definitely went out like a lamb here, too.

March Daily Observations


In typical March fashion, temperatures fluxuated (though not wildly) throughout the month.  The spread occurred from the beginning of the month to the end.

Mean Temp: 46.5°
Deviation:  2.4°
Maximum:  85° on Mar. 31
Minimum:  20 on Mar. 3


Average March:  3.14"
Actual March:  2.74"  (-0.40")

Average March Snow:  3.4"
Actual March Snow:  0.1"  (-3.3")

Days with Measurable Precip:  10
Days with Measurable Snow:  1
Days with Snow Cover (>0.1"):  1

Days with Precip:

Average Monthly Total:  3.14"

As you can see, we haven't hit our 3.4" of snow mark, nor gotten even close to it for three years now.  Spring has been coming early for us. 

Other Weather Info

Days With Thunder:  2
Days With Fog:  4
Days with wind gust (>= 20 mph):  3


Bob said...

Our March was so - so, warmer and wetter. April has been cool and wet - the first 5 days have brought snow to our higher elevations and rain to ours. The more rain the better our late summer will be - fire season and all.

WxWatcher said...

Is fire a big issue each year in your area? It would make sense, given your semi-arid climate. I'm sure you all welcome the rain!

Warm and wet for us, and WINDY! I've posted a gust >20 mph for the past seven days now. In the last two weeks, I've recorded 9. Although this is my first year keeping track of this, I'm sure it's a bit above average...even for spring.

Bob said...

Yes, fire is always an issue in our region. I'm pleased with the rain we've been getting as I'm building a larger veggie patch that will include fruit trees as well. Once again, I've started adding wind data to my blog posts...we are getting gusts greater than 25.

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher, great summary. It seems the further north someone goes the more extreme the deviations were. In our cases at least, other than the snowfall, as I was 13% of average and you were a measly 2%. What gives?

Ami Jo said...

I LOVE the graph of March Snowfall.... Virtually nothing!! My kind of March for sure!

Hope to see you all soon!!!

WxWatcher said...

Bob, love the wind data. After I get some kinks out, I plan on doing the same. Good luck with the fruit trees. When/if we buy land some day, my first order of business is to plant some apples.

OSNW3, interesting indeed. You would think that the mid-section of the country would experience more extremes. Not so in this case. I'm interested to see what April will bring. It sure has been an active start!

Ami Jo, we're planning on coming down the weekend of Rebekah's b-day. I'm going to try and get Bill down to the Current and wet a fly with him. We've been getting some nice rain/storms up here. How 'bout in your area?

Ami Jo said...

Hey! I don't know how often you check your yahoo email...but check it! :)

Love you baby brother! <3


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