Saturday, March 20, 2010

Signs of Spring

Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Tasty Herbs, and Trout.  All have been signs that Spring is finally here in Missouri.  Even the mix of rain, sleet and snow as of this posting isn't dampening my spirits.  I feel renewed and refreshed by the warmer weather and SUN that has been greeting us--although fleetingly--lately.  What follows are three glimpses of spring that makes this weather lover and outdoor enthusiast smile.

March 10 -- Thunderstorms...Tornado

March 10 gave us three "firsts" this year.  The first day above 70°, first day with thunder, and first tornado warning (and confirmed EF0).  The temperature climbed up to 74° under a sunny sky, the climax of a week's worth of rising temperatures.  In the spring, though this usually brings the same anticipation as climbing up the hill on a rollercoaster.  You know that after you peak, you're in for a rough ride.  And, to a point, we did on that Wednesday.

I hurried to get the steaks grilled that afternoon (oh, another "first" for the year) as I could see the dark clouds coming in, and even reports of Severe Weather in the area.  We had a little storm pass around 4:30 pm.  By bedtime, I had no reason to believe there would be any more severe weather.  I was awaken at 10:30 with the town's tornado siren, and thought "surely that couldn't be!".  Sure enough, there was a doppler indicated tornado south of the area, moving slightly to our East.  After some tense moments, the storm passed with no incident.  Fulton spotters reported 1" hail, but I didn't have anything at my location.  Appropriately, this was Missouri's Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Tasty Herbs

Picture taken on March 12.  The plants in the middle are Columbines, and Chives are popping out of the ground.  I was able to use some on my potatoes and trout dinner a couple of days ago.  Tasted like summer!

Trout Fishing!

Trout season opens March 1st in Missouri, and I made my first outing last Wednesday.  It was a cloudy morning, but the sun peeked out after noon.  It was a magnificently fulfilling day.  I can't imagine a better way to view God's beauty than the Missouri outdoors.

1st Day of Spring

Today is the first day of spring (as of 12:32 pm), and we have 2" of snow predicted for the area.  62° by Tuesday.


Ami Jo said...

Nice lookin' trout!! :)

I'm ready for the storms...means summer's coming!

OSNW3 said...

Great looking trout! You da man! I am not an avid fisherman or hunter, but one thing I still want to learn, is how to fly fish. Maybe it's just because I want to wad in rivers, I don't know. :)

Regardless. Great entry. We've all had our early tastes of Spring. I am tempted to say that April or May will be cold and wet with how warm and dry March has been. We'll see. No thunder up this way yet that I've heard. Doesn't look like there is any in forecast either. It may be a while for me. Enjoy the herbs!

NW Wisconsin Weather said...

Hello I came over from OSNW3's blog. Interesting to see chives growing on March 20th! Those are one of the first things to come out in my garden and I didn't see them until about the first week of April, but I'm in West Wisconsin!

WxWatcher said...

Thanks for the comment. The chives were the first to pop out of the ground this year, too. I had every intention to take weekly or monthly photos of their development, but life got in the way. Too bad, because they are beautiful now with a full row of purple flowers and the Columbines behind them add a nice touch.

I'll get a recent photo added to my May weather summary post

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