Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Cloud Type; June 14-16 Rainfall

Have you seen the news? It seems that some wild clouds are capturing the attention of some people. This new cloud type, the Asperatus, may be the newest classification of clouds added into the World Meteorological Organization's International Cloud Atlas since 1951. What's weird to me is that I think I've seen these before. I can remember my first year of college, looking out my dorm window viewing some wicked clouds that seemed to wave at the base...looked like some of the pictures on the news.

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The National Weather Service in St. Louis posted a breif summary of some rain totals in the area from June 14 - 16. The map shows data from both CoCoRaHS observers and ASOS/AWOS stations.

Map from NWS STL

Check out some of the totals. At this station, we had 2.48", but 13 miles north of us in Auxvasse, there was a reported 6.00"!!

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OSNW3 said...

How exciting. You saw this type of cloud? It is so gnarly looking that it seems impossible, like something that could only be drawn or painted.

My Mother In-Law lives in St. Peters. The next we chat with her I'll ask her about the flooding around her area. She didn't say anything about it tonight but I believe the conversation was mostly about her grand-daughter.

Fun post, WxWatcher. Thanks!