Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heavy Rain to End April

Last night was the first time we had a nice "spring" storm. The cold front that has been draped over the central plains for the past 5 days or so finally got a little push and made its way slowly through Missouri. We experienced some rain throughout the day, some moderate, but it came to an end by the afternoon.

At 6:30 the line of storms started to approach the area bringing with it heavy rain and lightning. AT 7:15, a beautiful shelf cloud came through...I didn't have my camera, so no picture. The upward lift and resulting condensation was awesome to watch as it passed over the house. The winds were doing some wicked things within the cloud.

5 Day Total / April Total So Far

1.99" / 4.28".....At MO-CW-1: 1.7 Mi. SSE Fulton
2.93" / 5.61".....At MO-CW-5: 0.3 Mi. ESE Auxvasse

As mentioned before, this front has been draped over the nation's mid section for 5 days or so (not sure when it started), bringing with it some drenching rain for some, and even some snow for others.

Here is the current 7 day precip total for Missouri:

The front is not over impacting the state. It will begin to lift northward again tomorrow and impact our area with a warm front, bringing more chances for rain and storms through Friday. I will update then with a total precip for this event, and post the April Water Report.


Ami said...

Too bad I didn't get my rain gauge up!!! Ugh! We've had some pretty good rain over the past few days, sometimes coming down pretty hard, but not as much as areas Northwest and Southeast of me.

It is certainly cooler today - I still haven't taken my jacket off and it's almost lunch time! I think our forecasted high is only in the upper 60's, but the sun is going to have to do a lot more shining for us to get there.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Chris said...

Ami, you have to get that gauge up!

WxWatcher, thanks for your comment. It's been a while since SE WI has had a good rain (before Saturday). I'll be looking for your April Water Report!

OSNW3 said...

Ami! *tisk* ;)

WxWatcher, what are some of your area record April precipitation totals I can relate this April to?

Just as I typed the question I thought, what is stopping me from finding out myself. So I did... and DANG. 2009 is not gonna get there.

Station: 233079 FULTON, MO

WxWatcher said...

Whoa! OSNW3...where did you find that??? That is awesome!

What Ami is not telling us is that she played golf all weekend, and that is why she didn't get her gauge up!

OSNW3 said...

WxWatcher. Bookmark this. :)

Climate of the Midwest

OSNW3 said...

It's also on my site under "Links" and "Other" if you can't bookmark it. Links

OSNW3 said...

But now it is forever engraved into this comment section of this blog entry... so, go figure. :)

(sorry for the triple post)

WxWatcher said...

That's okay. It makes it easier for me when I ask myself where that link is. Now I have three places to look ;o)

Ami said...

Going to the driving range for my first time ever HARDLY means I was playing golf all weekend! ;o)

Tim promised we will get it up this weekend.

Chris said...

OSNW3, awesomeness! What a sweet link.

Ami said...

OSNW3, that is a great link!! :)

OSNW3 said...

You may have seen this already, but... this blog entry from WGN is worth checking out.

Spectacular tornado shots from Wednesday evening (April 29) outside Dallas, Texas

WxWatcher said...

I had not seen those yet. What a great set of photos! You know, it makes me wish I had more time to really dig into the dynamics of tornadic storms. I always get a nice taste from the yearly spotting class I take, but wouldn't it be great to take a full semester to study them?

Ami, I know you would like that!