Monday, April 13, 2009

April Showers

Okay, I'm not one who normally complains about the weather. I can usually see the good in any type of weather, no matter the season. But I feel like we're stuck in a rut, a broken record of sorts with the cold and rainy conditions.

...but being the eternal optimist that I am, I know that our lower-than-average temperatures will give way to an upswing of warmer weather, and even an average day will feel like paradise! Here are the numbers for April so far:


This Data For April 1 - 12 Only

Mean Average vs. Actual High: 63°/59
Mean Average vs. Actual Low: 40

Precip: 2009 / 2008 / 2007

1.64" / 2.98" / 2.68

Days With Measurable Rain: 2009 / 2008 / 2007

5 / 8 / 5


So far, even though the temperatures have been below average, we have not had the rain we normally do during the first half of April. We have had only 39% of our normal rainfall for the month. It makes me wonder if there is a correlation between an area having below-average temperatures and below-average precipitation. That would be a fun study.


OSNW3 said...

Complaining about the weather! Shame! :) In all honesty though, it's been cool pretty much every where, am I right?

I know that when it's cold up here, like middle of Winter cold, the atmosphere tends to dry up. This past January was a perfect instance.

There is a lot of April left, I think your temperatures will rise and you'll have the AC on in no time. It's MO. Expect rapid change! Right?!

WxWatcher said...

Exactly, that's what I love about our weather. I can remember a 4" snow hours after a tornado. You never know what to expect down here!

I'm over my little fit today :o) Sorry to steal your sun..ha!

Ami said...

Wow - I don't remember the snow after the tornado - that's pretty cool!

I'm ready for needing the AC! I think I'll move to florida. :) Will you come visit me?

WxWatcher said...

Ami, don't you remember one November (I think it was late 90's) when a tornado hit Lebanon? It hit the Tracker plant and there was aluminum sheeting all over the place, and wrapped around trees. Of course, you couldn't see anything for a day or two because of the snow that fell that night. I tried to find it online, but couldn't get the exact date.

Ami said...

I remember the tornado hitting Tracker...don't remember the snow. My memory is really horrible. I honestly think it has to do with my wreck, it wasn't like this before that happened.

Hope your week is going well. Mine is going by too slow.

Love ya!