Thursday, December 18, 2008

Freezing Rain, Thunder, and Warming Temperatures

Usually, the first two spell disaster, and in the case of northern MO, it will be a very dangerous situation tonight and tomorrow.

Currently, a low pressure system located in the Colorado Rockies and its northeast advancing warm front are bringing enough lift to cause rain. But a cold dome of air that was brought here late Sunday is still lingering on causing this rain to freeze.

As of this post, the temperature is 32° and climbing, so we won't receive much if any glaze. Northern MO won't be so lucky, as they aren't expected to see above freezing temperatures for a few days, and could receive up to 1/2" of ice. That is enough to snap branches and cut power for days, as it did in Springfield, MO two winters ago.

Another chance of snow exists for the area on Saturday.

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Ami said...

We had a pretty strong thunderstorm last night around midnight. Lots of lightening, strong wind, and I think heavy rain (my rain gauge is not currently out). Some lightening hit VERY close to the house. Temps remained in the low 40's though, so it actually felt pretty nice this morning, until the frigid wind hits you.

Certainly some wild weather for the latter half of December!!